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Import& Export Agent

    The company canprovide customers with professional customs clearance service for ocean freight \ air freight \ land transportation, providing services to international tradelogistics and supply chainmanagement, customs clearance ranges include:


  • 1、General trade importand export goods customs declaration, inspection and customs clearance

  • 2、Inspection and customsclearance for exhibitors samples, advertisingmaterials

  • 3、Dangerous goods import and export declarations, inspection and customs clearance;

  • 4、Private goods declaration, inspection andcustoms clearance;

  • 5、The documents requiredfor customs clearance and related procedures;

  • 6、Issue the fumigation \disinfectioncertificates\FORM A\ C/ O;

  • 7、Professional for new (old) mechanical and electrical productsimport license,specific commodities import license, 3Ccertification, 3C exemption;


     If your poorclearance import and export cargo, import and export cargo.Import and export goods if your regular declaration delayed timetable,if the high customs fee charged by your freight forworder,please don't hesitate to contact RH,we will be pleased to provide you with safe,efficient and economical logisticsservices.